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Links provided by students for the Web Review assignment.

Artists - Individual

Stephen Snyder

Chesley McLaren

Antoine de Villiers

Rogerio Biondi

Mick Harris

Sami Thorpe

Sabrina Ward Harrison

Harry Ally

Mark Messersmith

Elisabeth Spector

Paul Lung

Dale Chihuly

Galleries & Museums

Side 7

Stephen Haller Gallery

National Gallery of Art

The Lowe Gallery

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

Loves' Art Emporium

The Worldwide Art Gallery

The Art Institute of Chicago Museum

Phosphor Gallery

Art Education

ArtLex Art Dictionary

NAEA - National Art Education Association

Crayola Creativity Central

Art History

Claude Monet

The Vincent van Gogh Gallery

The Art History Research Centre

Mother of all Art and Art History Links Page


Frank Lloyd Wright

Finding Mr. Wright: A Photo-Journey

Art Styles & Movements

Major Modern & Contemporary Visual Artists

Repository of Abstract Art

ASCII Art Collection

3D Art

It's art baby! art!


ZBRUSH: Seeing is Believing...


IGN Mac: Apple Macintosh Gaming


Music & Poetry

Star Trak Entertainment

Norah Jones

John Mayer

Pitchfork Media

The Strokes

The Flaming Lips

ibiblio - Poetry and Prose!