ART2030 Course Material

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ART2030 Course Outline - Fall 2017

ART2030 Project 1 - Fall 2017

Project 1 Evaluation Form

Understanding File Formats & Resolution

Terms You'll Need to Know

ART2030 Project 2 - Fall 2016

Project 2 Evaluation Form

Logo Design Considerations

ART2030 Project 3 - Magazine Spread Layout

ART2030 Project 4 - Web Site Design

Project 3 Evaluation Form

HTML Basics

Creating Slices in Photoshop for Use in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver 'Cheat Sheet'

File Format Factors: JPG vs PNG vs GIF

Creating Dis-Jointed Rollovers in Dreamweaver

Uploading Your Site to VSU MyPages

Web Site Reviews   Download a sample review

Brief Reaction Paper   The use of computers in art